TFK Report – Think Feel Know


You are 41% K, 30% T and 29% F with a clear expressive component (i.e. a preference to communicate your ideas and thoughts, irrespective of other’s feelings).

With Knowing and Thinking being your primary and secondary you will tend to want to get people to do what you know they should do. This is where we are going, and this is how you do it are your guiding patterns.

Your communication style will be more ‘tell’ than ‘sell’ when your thinking comes through. You will always want to take the lead and direct others involved in your endeavours. Direction and implementation will be your forte.
Fluffy cultural language with no regard for the commercial outcomes will frustrate you. There are times when you need to be more relaxed and focus on the relationships that support you.

You will be a great advocate for justice. You will tend to be intolerant of abuse and unfairness. In these situations you will not be shy in sharing your opinions and viewpoints.

This is strong directive profile that is modified when you allow your feeling component to come through.