Sony Attack on Shop Assistants

Press release


Sony is leading the attack on shop assistants – in favour of proper recognition of the salesmanship of retail staff.

“It’s insulting to the retail salesman or woman that there’s still a legacy of ‘Shop Assistant’ about their role. We think it’s time that they got the recognition they deserve and we’re making moves to help,” says Sony (UK) Ltd’s Sales Training Manager, Kevin Harrington.

Having developed independent courses on sales skills and product knowledge, Sony recently became a sponsor of the RETRA Business Improvement Institute.

“Now we’re taking things a stage further,” says Harrington. “We’ve had our courses  recognised by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management , the first brown goods manufacturer to achieve this distinction.

In future, sales staff attending Sony Sales Training Courses will receive both a Sony Certificate and an ISMM ‘Continuing Professional Training’ accreditation certificates with their hours of training officially recognised.

To achieve this status the Sony Sales Training Courses were judged by the ISMM’s Education Consultant. Harrington is proud that Sony is abler to offer this award and sees it as being a first step towards more highly trained, professional and better regarded retail sales staff.

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